Wilson’s Perspective

Pat Horan

wilsonThis is what my working America’s VetDog, WILSON told me.

— My name is “Ruff” but everyone calls me WILSON. The new girlfriend I got calls me Moog. I like it.

— I am from Smithtown, New York. I got this job from the America’s VetDogs. I am black, short, my head is huge and I am 90 pounds. It was really weird but I had blue eyes. Then over time my eyes became black. I had a bunch of friends.

—After 6 months I lived somewhere were it was hot. I lived in a house. There were nice people there. One person gave me food and told me to do stuff. We got to walk around, sit, stay, left, right, brace and heal. Once I went to a building with tons of people there and one guy talked and then everyone would sing. One time we went to a park. There were thousands of people there. There were nine people in the grass. One other guy hit the ball. I wanted to go get the ball but I wasn’t allowed to. After so many months I realized I was living in Atlanta.

—Then I went home. I got to see some old friends. Every day we got to run around. Some human threw the tennis ball and 5 of us ran to get it. Then later I learned these words: busy busy (to go to the bathroom), forward and stop. They told me that I could not bark. I thought that was a bummer. I learned this strange thing. This guy was on my right side. He told me to start walking. I got it. He would tell me a “word”. I learned not to bark.

—One time two people showed up. That night I stayed in a room with them. Then I showed Pat how to work with me. Then I started using a harness. It helped that guy Pat. Then I realized that he walks slow. Then he took me to his house.

—I’ve been there for almost 4 years. I don’t mind. Pat gives me food. I don’t mind walking around. I help Pat in crowded restaurants, around people and up big hills. This girl, Patty, likes to eat apples. Sometime I can eat some!!!!!

(Hi, my name is Pat. Let me tell you about WILSON. He is a great working VetDogs. When we walk, I can’t see on the right side. Wilson looks left and right the whole time. Making sure I don’t run into things. A couple years ago I had a seizure. Wilson barked and barked and barked. He was trying to tell somebody and he wanted me to wake up. He is a smart dog. Also, he wants to go outside and walk. That is good because I need some exercise. He has been a wonderful working dog! To Wilson I say, “Bark, Bark!” )

Pat Horan
Pat Horan

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