Point Pleasant Beach

Pat Horan

Went to Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. Stayed in my Aunt Cece and Uncle Killer house. This is always a good time. It was pretty quick. On Monday got there. At night we eat at a restaurant called Frankie’s. I remember going there 15 years for food and beer.

In Tuesday we hung out and talk, a lot!! That is what they do in New Jersey. I have known this for 40 years. At 12:00pm Patty, my nephew Austin and I went to the boardwalk. We wanted to play some putt-putt. It was pretty fun and I won!! I got everyone a ice cream trophy.

We went to get Aunt Cece’s and Chris. Then went to a cousin in Howell. We showed up at 4:00pm. The pool there was cold. (was -10??!?!) Then the lightning should up. By 6:30pm there was 15 people there. Aunts, cousins, 2nd cousins and WILSON! Then we got good pizza. It was great to see everyone. At 8:30pm we drove back to PPB from I-195. All of a sudden we had to get off the highway. There was a detour. We asked Aunt Cele what’s way to go? She has been in New Jersey for 70 years. But she didn’t know. It was pretty funny!

The next day for breakfast we ate cheese, egg, pork and rolls. Man that was good! Then we got in the car and went home. My cousins and my pants are great. New Jersey is great. I love going there!!


Pat Horan
Pat Horan

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