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Pat Horan

Whitetail Skiing

This will be a quick story. About two weeks ago Patty and I went skiing. We went with the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Bethesda, MD.
(This is where it’s strange. In 2009 I was going to WR to get better. That was in DC. A couple years later they closed it. They moved WR to Bethesda. But they brought their name. When I was in Bethesda in 2007 it was called NNMC. Then it got confusing to WR. Now when I go there I’m pretty much confused. So I just call, “Walter Reed 2.0” But I blah too much sometimes.)

I went with people that work in Occupational Therapy. There were about 4 people that went skiing that got hurt in the war also. It was a 2-hour drive to Pennsylvania. The place was called the Two Top Mountain Adaptive Sports Foundation. Patty and I went there last year. That was one of the coolest things ever. I never thought I could ski again.

When we saw some old ski friends it felt good. I had to get ready for skiing. It took me a while to put on my right foot. But then it was just time to go and do it! It Friday and the kids did not have to go to school. They showed up here for skiing. There were a lot of kids running around.

So, when I was skiing, there was one guy on my left and one guy on my right. I had to hold on to them. We had one pole that was 15 feet long and we shared it. I was holding on right in the middle. So we went left then right then left then right. Finally I made it to the bottom. It was great! I made it, Phew!! And I didn’t fall down!!!

I did the small bunny mountain 6 times. I was outside four hours. My legs were tired. It was time to take a break. We went back inside. It was warm. There was about 25 people in this small room. Everyone got out of the way when the pizza showed up. It really was nice. I got new friends. I still couldn’t believe that I never fell down.

At 2:00 it was time to go. I said, “Thank You!!!!” They told Patty and me to stay for the weekend. They told me, “More Wounded Warriors tomorrow. Then Sunday will be skiing, then the Super Bowl. And BBQ’s!!” But I need to go. Wilson needed his food. So I got on the bus and I started to sleep. I thought: “King of the World”

Pat Horan
Pat Horan

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