Casa Colina Gala 2015

Pat Horan


A great week in LA. In March, Patty, Wilson and I went to see the Casa Colina. I had not been there in 3 years. But I missed these people. I went there in 2008 and I stayed there a year. They were the ones that put me back together. So I was very excited to come back. On Friday we went to go see my PT friends during lunch. Great, great, great!! Then we went to Casa Colina to find people I remembered. I ran into a wonderful nurse that is still there, Hal. Then I talked to some OT people. Next we went to a different building and went to go find Jennyfer our case manager and head of admitting. She was there and we hung out for hours. We took it easy that night.

On Saturday it was the Casa Colina Gala. It was a great night. Patty and I walked inside and Bonnie Hunt was there. (I need to tell you the story about her. She is great!) I have met her many times. I wanted to say “Hello” and get out of the way. But she wanted Patty and I to hang out, find out what’s been going on. Soon we all went inside for the speech and dinner. There was over 800 people there. Patty and I told our story of getting hurt in the war. Then I told them I am on my trike all the time now. Then there were five people that also told their story. It was great. It really was an amazing night. The next day we were able to visit with Dr Loverso the head of Casa. He loves helping vets like me and funded part of our trip to the Inland Empire.

For the next couple days it was fun. We went to see different friends. We went to Riverside,CA and toured Mission House and met our church friends from St Ambrose, Mary Jo and Chris in Claremont for dinner. One day we went to Laguna Beach. Wilson got to go play in a park there. Then we went to a delicious restaurant, Las Brisas. The next evening we went to a Disney Land show. One of Patty’s friends was in the show.

The next day we went back to Pomona. We thought we were going home the following morning but it was snowing in DC. We stayed for two days. We got to see even different friends. On Thursday we got to go see some OT friends at dinner. On Friday night I went to go see one of my PT friends. She and her husband were still really nice people. That was a fun.

Finally we got in the airplane to leave. I really had a great time in Casa Colina. Those people put me back together. And I always have to say, Thank You! When we were flying back it definitely started to take forever. We stopped in Phoenix. Then we kept going. We had about an hour to go. And Wilson started to move around. I never knew if he needed to go to the bathroom or he wanted his dinner. But I only gave him some ice. But I think I need to get out of the airplane too. He is a pretty smart dog!!

Pat Horan
Pat Horan

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