Pat Horan
Life is Good!

Life is Good!

July 7th  was my ALIVE day!!! At night I got hurt in Baghdad, Iraq. Last night we decided to go get dinner. I had heard about this restaurant, but never went there. We went to Artie’s in Fairfax, VA. It was great!!

Ok, my friends that showed up: Patty, Chris, my Dad, Brian Lawrence, Will Keys, Mrs. Keys, Mrs. Carla Falkofske, Randy Falkofske, (my great friend Jon was not there. But his wife Susan and their kids were there.) Susan, Addy, Ellis and Opel Falkofske and Jeanmarie Gallagher. Do you got it? That was everybody. Later a friend showed up.

It was good. The food was good. We talked about the old times. I grew up on a road called Carrleigh Parkway. Some weird people were talking about the football Washington Redskins? (we were trying to have a good time, the Redskins?) All of a sudden a manager came by to talk to us. He wanted to know if we were having fun.

“Yes!!!!!”He said, “Another veteran paid for dinner.” We asked why? We all would pay for our dinner. He didn’t need to do that! We wanted to know who was it? He said, “The person just said, thank you. He would not give his name.” We all said, “What the? Who the? Why the who’s the? The joke? Hope is a good thing? Stupid is?”

We had a good time. Especially because we didn’t have to pay for food. Eventually, Susan and the kids went home. It was time for desserts. That was pretty yummy!! And started talking about the old days again. All of a sudden a friend that I knew in high school showed up with her husband. I knew her in West Springfield. She went to a different college than me. I hadn’t talked to her in 20 years until about three months ago. Kathryn Koehl and her husband Tim. She was never in the war. But she has a big TBI. I have TBI. TBI is out there now.

This morning I looked at Stand4Heros Facebook site. I sent them a picture of me. They put it on. I got more than 85 Likes and 8 Comments. That was amazing!!

Then I looked at the Facebook Operation Ward 57. This was incredible!!! There was 940 Likes and 120 Comments from friends. I don’t know that many people! But they care about everyone. I wrote something on Twitter and Facebook. My ALIVE day. Many friends said good job Pat. I need to say thank you. “Willow!!! You are great!!”

(Butch, I you payed for dinner. Thank You!!!)


Pat Horan
Pat Horan

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